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Queer Ventennio


Italian Masculinity as Queer Meolodrama


Aesthetic Modernism and Masculinity in Fascist Italy


The Ethics of Marginality


When the Parrot Boy Sings


The Blue Ladys Hands


Cover of the Book The Blue Lady's Hands

Will is a young New York artist who, through collages, constructs a world out of unrelated elements. When it comes to his personal life, however, he hasn’t got a clue where things get pasted up. When the Parrot Boy Sings is a masterful narrative that weaves together Will’s recollections, observations, dreams and private mythology. This novel follows Will’s attempts – some sad, some funny – to put himself “in order.” His constant companions are the beautiful Fish Baby and the haunting Parrot Boy – both private mythical creatures that he hopes will help him give some sense to his life.

Published Works

In addition to two novels and four scholarly monographs, Champagne has published academic essays, personal narrative, and poems in both anthologies and literary and scholarly journals.

Reviews & Citations

Champagne’s work has been reviewed in such venues as TLS, Modernism/modernity, and gender/sexuality/Italy. For a list of Champagne’s citations, see the complete Google Scholar page.