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Aesthetic Modernism and Masculinity in fascist Italy is an interdisciplinary historical rereading of a series of representative text that complicate out current understanding of the portrayal of masculinity in the Italian Fascinate era. Examining paintings, music, and literature in light of some of the ideological and material contradictions that animated the regime, it argues that fascist masculinity was itself high contradictory. It brings to the fore works that have tended to be under-studied, and argues that, while fascist inclusive strategies of patronage worked to bind artists to the regime, an official policy of non-interference may inadvertently have opened up a space whereby the arts expressed a more complicated and contestatory view of masculinity than the one proffered by kitsch photos of a bare chested Mussolini skiing.

Champagne seeks to eventuate how the aesthetic analysis of the artifacts explored offers a more sophisticated and nuanced understanding of what world politics is, what is at stake when something – like masculinity – is rendered as being an element of world politics, and how such and understanding differed from more orthodox “cultural” analyses common to international relations.

Providing a significant contribution to understanding of representation of masculinities in modernist art, this work will be great interest to students and scholars of gender studies, queer studies, political studies, Italian studies, and art history.

Published Works

In addition to two novels and four scholarly monographs, Champagne has published academic essays, personal narrative, and poems in both anthologies and literary and scholarly journals.

Reviews & Citations

Champagne’s work has been reviewed in such venues as TLS, Modernism/modernity, and gender/sexuality/Italy. For a list of Champagne’s citations, see the complete Google Scholar page.